Think 2050 Telegraph Point

The Port Macquarie - Hastings Council is progressing with the Community Strategic Plan, and has received great feedback from the community around what residents love and value and big ideas for the future.

Sarah Toohey from the council has put out a call to ensure Telegraph Point residents have their say in the 2050 Community Strategic Plan.

Thank you to those who attended the Community Round Table session in October, where participants defined the themes and vision they would like our community to aspire to by 2050.   

We have collated the feedback from the session, along with previous focus groups and surveys to help refine the themes, aspirations and vision. We now encourage the community to share your input by taking our short aspirations and vision survey.

Take the Survey

Share your thoughts and select an aspiration for each of the emerging themes. Help define a community vision that captures your ideas towards creating the future of our region. Closes  5pm Wednesday 25 November 2020.

What we have heard

Community Outcomes

The community has told us that sustainable, community-focused, inclusive, connective and interactive are all-important to Port-Macquarie-Hastings region future. What are your priorities for our region?

Round Table (session 2) - Defining our actions
If you didn’t make it to the first Round Table Session, there is still the opportunity to attend our Round Table Session 2. During this workshop we will start considering priorities to achieve the Community Strategic Plan vision.

Register now
Date: Saturday 28 November 2020
Time: 10am - 1pm

Your ideas are essential so we can plan for the future. Share with any friends and neighbours within your community.

Not all change can happen at once, but by joining the conversation you will help inform how we can prioritise our activities over the next 30 years so we can work together to address the challenged of today while preparing for the challenges of tomorrow.

Discussion Guide

Local Activities

For more ideas on prompting discussions about local priorities, the council discussion guide is a conversation starter for you and your neighbours, your community group, your family or with colleagues.

You will find in this guide a range of key topics and questions to help guide your conversations and space to capture your group’s views and ideas.

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