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The Electoral Districts Redistribution Panel has released their draft report for the names and boundaries of electoral districts of New South Wales. Redistribution of electoral districts occurs after every second New South Wales State general election to ensure that each electoral district of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly has an approximately equal number of electors.

According to the report, "The main areas of significant voter growth in Regional NSW are greenfield areas on the fringe of major centres, especially Newcastle, Wollongong, Canberra and Port Macquarie."

Population growth in the current Port Macquarie electorate has a current variance of +5.92% above quotient. As a result, the Redistribution Panel proposes to transfer from the electoral district of Port Macquarie the localities of Telegraph Point, The Hatch, Blackmans Point, and King Creek to the electoral district of Oxley. As well as the localities of Lansdowne and Upper Lansdowne to the electoral district of Myall Lakes, and Lord Howe Island to the electoral district of Sydney.

The full report can be read here Report of the Electoral Districts Redistribution Panel

voter growth inset

Map showing relative population growth.
Source: SAFi; NSWEC, Voter data - Voter Trends Report April 2020

The Redistribution Panel takes into consideration the potential impact upon communities of interest within the proposed electoral district as well as means of communication and travel, physical features such as mountains and waterways, major roads, motorways, railways and significant geographic features, and local government boundaries.

Feedback received during the initial phase of public consultation is considered before finalising boundary changes.

electoral redistribution

Map showing existing boundary in blue (Port Macquarie) and red (Oxley) with proposed changes in yellow.
Source: NSW Electoral Redistribution 2020

9 Nov 2020 Public notice given in the Government Gazette inviting written submissions relating to the draft determination.
9 Dec 2020 Closing date for submissions on the draft determination of the names and boundaries of electoral districts. Submissions lodged will be made available for public inspection on the Electoral Commission’s website.
10 Dec 2020 Opening date for comments on submissions.
23 Dec 2020 Closing date for comments on submissions

If you wish to make a submission regarding the proposed changes, the direct link is here.

How to make a submission

The Commission has published this advice on submissions:
Submissions should be clear and logical and include reasons. It is a preference of the Redistribution Panel that submissions contain alternative solutions rather than simply criticism. Showing you have community support for your submission may help the Redistribution Panel in its decision-making processes. You may wish to make reference to the following criteria contained in section 21(2) of the Electoral Act 2017:

  • community of interests within the electoral district, including economic, social and regional interests,
  • means of communication and travel within the electoral district,
  • the physical features and area of the electoral district,
  • mountains and other natural boundaries,
  • existing boundaries.

Submissions may wish to reference place of work, primary business networks, school zoning, children's sporting participation, community group membership...

You can also submit via post to:
The Secretariat of the Electoral Districts Redistribution Panel
c/o NSW Electoral Commission
GPO Box 832
Sydney NSW 2001

Please include a completed cover sheet with your submission. Be sure to download and save the cover sheet before completing it.

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