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A group of committed Landcarers from Rollands Plains Landcare have been steadily poisoning some of the invasive weeds, Madeira Vine and Cats Claw Creeper. These weeds have been growing on private land along the Wilson River and its tributaries. If left to their own devices it would dominate the area and suppress native biodiversity as it has in other areas, like the Macleay.

For many of the volunteers it was the first time they had encountered these weeds, but they now feel they are much better at recognising them. Madeira vine reproduces by developing many bulbous tubers along its vine that fall to the ground and produce numerous new plants. Early eradication is preferable so that control is possible.

How to identify Madeira Vine

  • Madeira vine has fleshy, waxy green, heart-shaped leaves which are usually 4-5 cm in length, but can range between 1-15.
  • Slender, twining and hairless stems up to 30 m long are initially herbaceous and green/ pinkish/ red in colour.
  • The flower cluster is fragrant, greenish-white to cream-white and resembles a ‘lamb’s tail’, with numerous small flowers.

For further information or help in identifying Madeira vine, refer to the Commonwealth government site, Weeds Index

How to identify Cat's Claw Creeper

  • Large woody vine that climbs and creeps aggressively.
  • Flowers are yellow, bell-shaped, 4-10cm long, up to 10cm wide.
  • Leaves have 2 leaflets 5-25mm long, with 3-clawed tendril (cat's claw) 3-17mm long growing between them.
  • Pods are long, narrow, flat, contain many seeds.
  • Fruit is elongated, glossy green when young, dark brown as it matures, 15-50cm long, 8-12mm wide.
  • Each fruit contains numerous oblong seeds, 10-40mm long, 4-10mm wide.
  • Plant has vigorous root and tuber system.

For further information or help in identifying Cat's Claw Creeper, refer to the Queensland government site, Invasive Plants.

Port Macquarie/Hastings Council has helped us with free chemicals and advice.

Rollands Plains Landcare is looking for new members and are always happy to help with advice and possible working bees. For more details ring Janette Jones (secretary) on 65858206 or email

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  1. Therese on November 18, 2020 at 11:51 am

    Great work! I have the Madeira Vine in my garden, continual battle to get rid of it. Now I know its name.

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