From the Rollands Plains Review community newsletter:

For those living below the Hall or in Bril Bril you may not be aware of the great shock that delivered to the primary producers of Upper Rollands Plains and Marlo Merrican in May of this year.
A letter was delivered to each household warning of weight limits to be imposed on a number of bridges in the Hastings, including the Bril Bril Ck bridge near the Hall on Upper Rollands Plains Road. The limits were to begin to be imposed within ten days of the letter’s delivery.
Dairy Farmers were suddenly thrown a bolt from the blue as to have milk trucked out from the three remaining dairies would be impossible with the proposed weight limits.
Feed trucks, cattle trucks and even fire trucks would also be restricted by these limits. Something had to be urgently done.

Letters and phone calls began being made and before any weight limits were imposed a solution was come to by Council. Now there is a low level bypass beside Bril Bril Creek bridge and traffic pacifying speed bumps have been installed on the bridge approaches.
It was a tragedy that after drought, fires, and Covid-19 restrictions the local farmers were put through this new worry. Hopefully Council management will be more thoughtful in their practices in the future.

Funding is yet to be approved for work on the bridge on Foxs Road, Bottlebrush No. 1 bridge on Bril Bril Road, Thompsons bridge at Upper Rollands Plains, and the bridge on Scotts Plains Road.

From an earlier article from the Port News May 21st 2020 (feature image from the Port News article).

New load limits have been placed on 16 timber bridges in the Port Macquarie-Hastings region as a safety mitigation measure until repairs can be undertaken. State and federal MPs used the announcement as an opportunity to label the decision a “band-aid fix” that will further cripple the recovery of rural industries.

Council has defended the decision saying the mitigation measures will maintain a safety for all users and will remain in place until necessary repairs or replacement can occur, after which load limits can be removed or improved.

Village communities across the local government area were notified of the load limit changes, effective from May 11, with many rallying to alert council of the potential impacts for dairies unable to have their milk freighted off farm or the inability to provide access for fertiliser, fuel, hay and grain trucks to their properties.

Bril Bril Bridge
Myhills Bridge, Upper Rollands Plains.

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