Log Wharf improvements

It's been several years since locals first met with representatives from the council to discuss the Log Wharf redevelopment, and almost 2 years since the plans drawn by Sam Cutler were submitted to council on behalf of the TPCA. Last years floods have further complicated plans for rejuvenation.  The new draft masterplan has recently been released for comment.

Download the Hastings Council Draft Masterplan V3 - 7 December 2021

Excerpt: "Extreme flooding was experienced in Port Macquarie municipality during March 2021. Telegraph Point was particularly affected. Log Wharf Reserve was inundated to a depth of around 2-3 metres. Signage, picnic settings and seating were damaged or destroyed. The main elements that remained in good condition after the flooding include concrete paths, boat ramp, jetty and some robust seating and picnic facilities. Understorey vegetation suffered damage however most large trees remain in position and are recovering well. The trees provided some protection to assets within the Reserve by filtering debris and minimising erosion.

The Masterplan has been conceived to give a strong identity and vitality to Log Wharf Reserve. Low cost, durable interventions are proposed with strong geometry and graphic/ artistic interest. All new elements are to be constructed of robust materials such as concrete, aluminum, hardwood timber, paint and planting. This will make the park more usable and frequented while minimising risks associated with flood damage to Council assets.

The implementation of this Masterplan will require risk analysis by asset owners within the Port Macquarie Hastings Council to assess the level of risk that is acceptable for any new assets constructed in Log Wharf Reserve in the event of another 1:100 year flood."

The council is giving us the opportunity to have our say on the proposed plan.
An online meeting will be held on Thursday 3rd Feb.
Please attend the online meeting or leave feedback via the survey.

Log Wharf Reserve Proposal

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